thai massage

Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage gently stretches the muscles and stimulates the energy of the body along specific energy meridians. This is an ancient form of massage passed down through the generations and is beneficial in reducing stress, improving circulation and flexibility and increasing energy.

60 minutes - 300 baht

Oil Massage

This relaxing massage uses soothing hand movements to work into muscle and soft tissue to relieve stress and tension. Coconut oil naturally softens and regenerates the skin.

60 minutes - 400 baht

Foot (Reflexology) Massage

After cleansing the feet with a refreshing salt scrub, pressure is systematically applied to stimulate points on the foot that correspond to all major body parts and organs, improving total body functioning and restoring balance and harmony to the body.

60 minutes - 350 baht

Sports Massage

This is a deep tissue massage specifically designed to reinvigorate tired muscles and joints. This massage focuses on specific muscle groups with variable pressure.

60 minutes - 500 baht


Reiki treats the whole person. This powerful healing technique works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Life-force energy is passed via the hands, helping to restore balance to your whole system. , A Reiki treatment leads to deep levels of relaxation giving a sense of well-being, balance and rejuvenation.

60 minutes - 1000 baht

Chakra Balancing

We have seven main energy centers commonly known as chakras (Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk). The chakras are the network through which the body, mind and spirit interact as one holistic system. The experiences that we have in life can affect the chakras from functioning effectively. .A Chakra Balancing treatment clears and realigns our chakra system, restoring balance and harmony.

60 minutes - 1000 baht

Ear Candle Treatment

An Ear Candle treatment induces a pleasant feeling of warmth and brings a deep sense of relaxation. An Ear Candle treatment harmonises different energy fields in the aura and can be considered a classic clearance therapy. Can be used for blocked ears, to soothe sinus irritation and stimulation of the blood and lymphatic system.A detoxing facial massage compliments this treatment.

60 minutes - 1000 baht

Theta Healing Session

Theta Healing is a simple and powerful healing technique that will change your life forever. With Theta Healing it's possible to change the subconscious belief-systems that create your life and who we are.

Do you feel stuck into, negative situation or thinking patterns, toxic relation? Do you want to attract good luck, love and success,?

With Theta Healing it is possible to dissolve and release any traumatic memory and negative emotions. Do you want to let go all your fear, regret, anger, guilt sadness, feeling of rejection ? Do you want to live every day of your life in joy harmony, abundance of love and money, and feel so good about it?

With Theta healing you can identify and change what is blocking you to manifest in your reality the life of your dreams. Session are one and a half hours long and a massive change and improvement in ones life can be done in just one session.

90 minutes - 1500 baht